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Items Ghanaians Find Difficult to Mention in English, Can You Mention Any of Them in English?

Language is a very important component of communication. It provides the medium through which words, information, and messages are shared. But in a world with many languages, it sometimes becomes very difficult to communicate among ourselves when we do not speak the same or similar languages. Though Ghana is a cosmopolitan country with countless languages, she uses the Queen's language she inherited from her colonial masters as an official language. 

Teaching and learning in Ghanaian schools are conducted through the English language. Because the English language is not our mother tongue, some people struggle to eloquently express themselves in it, most especially those who are not exposed to it at the early stages of their educational lives. This is evident in the below-expectations performance students exhibit in the English language at the Junior and senior high school levels of the educational ladder.

Aside from the difficulties some people face in spoken and written English, there are items that almost all Ghanaians find difficult to mention in the Queen's language. Some of these things are exclusive to Ghana's culture and not very common in countries with the English language as their first language. 

This article intends to challenge how well you master English by daring you to mention the name of these items in the English language.

The items include;

Hit us with your answers in the comments section let's have fun.

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