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How Important The Yet To Be Distributed Laptops To Teachers Can Be To Them.

There's a new development in Ghana Education Service which had come out with the government by planning to distribute some laptops to both public and private teachers in the country. This had actually being the subject for discussion about some few months now.

Some teachers I think misunderstood this and for that matter are not in support of the initiative, some also perceive the laptops to be less qualitative and others are also saying they have better laptops than those the teacher' unions and the government are yet to give out.

I personally think it's because a number of us does not know that the laptops are going to be in the system for a specific reason, and that is, the new curriculum policy. Ghana Education Service had made an advancement by introducing this, and for that matter needs to be supported in the country.

Haven't learnt the features of these laptops in my previous article, we are going to learn the importants of these laptops to teachers in general perspective. Please like, share and comment below your views after going reading through this article.

1. The laptops are to aid teachers have time for IT advancements in education sector. Teachers should not only be limited to writing and talking, but also to be exposed to ICT. They should also be able to computerise teaching that can add another skills to them, apart from the experience and skills involved in teaching.

2. The laptops again help teachers in both the standard base and common core curriculum programmes which are computer oriented. There's a need for teachers to have these laptops since some parts pf the newly introduced curriculum involves IT work. This will facilitate their work, with many students participating since it's practical base.

3.These laptops help teachers in research topics. Some topics are very researchable, and as result need to be researched by the teacher. Imagine how tedious it will be if one doesn't have a laptop. So this will ease the work of any teacher who finds him or herself in such. So teacher stand the chance of benefiting a lot from these laptops.

4. They are also to help teachers in gathering more facts on unknown topics they do not have knowledge about. Teachers sometimes try to get lots of explanations on certain topics they teach. As they saying goes, "no one is perfect. " they try to learn topics which they have no knowledge about. This can not easily happen if he or she doesn't have a loptop.

Please, let's try as teachers and accept these laptops. They are going to help and ease our job for us.

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