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Video: " What Is Happening In Our Schools? ", See What A School Girl Was Seen Doing To Her Colleague

The rate at which bullying is increasing in our schools is becoming very alarming.

In recent time, students in high high schools and boarding schools see bullying which they refer to as punishment to be a normal thing as they refer to it as school life. The degree to which some of these students treat some of their colleagues is nothing to write home about. Some of these treatment is being mounted on the weak ones or juniors.

In a video which has currently Surfaced online, a female student whose identity hasn't been identified yet was recorded bullying her colleague who is suspected to be her junior for an unknown reason.

In the video, one of the girls who came in to stop this girl from beating the alleged junior revealed that, this girl has been beating her colleague for sometime now.

People who came into contact with this video condemned the girls behaviour towards her Junior and called on school authority to deal with her to prevent others from repeating such acts on others.


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