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Four(4) Ways Life Affects "Vision"

The truth of the matter is money remains the final certificate for education. It is every student's dream to make a decent living after the stressful years in school. Parents also think along the same route. There are some who really do not get formal education, but that is not all life is about. Right? The combo of education and money is, therefore, an essence in life and needs to be tabled for discussion. Let's catch some cruise as we look at the different scenarios.

1. Life with too much money. Since the world cherishes the cheddar, one will be highly upheld. Do not be deceived; it does not make this scenario better. People in this category are likely to overshoot and do not get the opportunity to see life as it is. You can call it a blockage. There is a difference between having much money with education and just having much money. The former can cause the same effect as the later when you fail to apply what you actually learnt.

2. Education alone is not enough to keep you at pace with the world. It only favours you in a way that all changes and growth are mostly based on one factor: education. We can consider it as a limited view because certain elements of living, such as goals, are difficult to achieve without money. Even though you have insights and knowledge, the resources to execute plans successfully will not be readily available.

3. The better view to life is having both money and education. In either extreme cases, you do not have shortcomings. You are well equipped with the knowledge and information while you have resources to make your dreams possible. The world cannot outpace you; You live in a balance. The perfect scenario we all can agree on.

4.. Life without education and money. It already sounds detrimental. That could be the worst possible life a person can have. It can be analogize as living in the full city of darkness. One will definitely be blind: the view of life is far from reach.

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