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GES : Teaching as a Profession.

Ghana Education Service is mandated to implementing the policies of the Ministry of Education. GES is mandated to monitor, supervise and provide approved educational programs and policies. Parents, Students and Teachers are the root stakeholders of pre-tertiary education.

I am just a spectator. I see my elementary teachers today and I fill very bad. I will never encourage any one in Ghana to go into the teaching field if there are other avenues. I'm not trying to downplay the profession but the fact is that Ghanaians don't regard or recognize the hardwork of teachers. This is very unfortunate.

Studies show that teachers of GES are not well paid since time memorial. Some teachers are even down to zero immediately they go for their salaries. If not all, most teachers in Ghana are being tagged with loans. These loan institutions use their loan interest to milk the poor teacher to the extend that the teacher lives from hand to mouth. Believe it or not, the main cause of teachers taking loans today is because they want to have a place to lay their heads after retirement. If one do not take these loans, a teacher cannot build a house since the salary is Mega and living conditions are very unbearable.

An old adage states that, "No matter how stingy the butcher might be, the vultures will never eat grass." This adage in application means that one of the basic characteristics of any organism is feeding. Therefore, if teachers are not well paid, they can't starve themselves in the heart of their basic needs, to death. Certainly, they would find different avenues somewhere to satisfy their needs and the needs of their families.

Today, many temperal and permanent jobs are occupied by teachers. For instance, Ghana Card Registration, Ghana Voter's Registration, voting conduction, Population and Housing Census exercise, and the like are occupied by the teacher in order to supplement the mega salary given at the end of the month. Most teachers run in for any of these jobs that politicians offer and this explains why teachers can't unit as one and fight a common goal. They have allowed politicians to use them because that is the only option left for them in order to survive better.


1. Are the implementers of pre-tertiary education really important to GES and the government at all? If yes, then leadership of today have to fairly satisfy the teacher who made them who they are today.

2. Do the future of our future leaders really matter to our today's leadership? If yes, then teachers must be well motivated just like the nurses who are but one of the products of teachers.

3. How can a teacher who is also an official of other jobs such as Population Census or Voting etc do justice to his main work as a teacher? Materially, same teacher is paid much better in the temporal job than his monthly salary as a teacher. What does this tell the masses? Also, psychologically, the teacher ends up having much attention and seriousness to other such jobs than the teaching since such jobs ends him far better.

4. Is teaching in Ghana really a profession? Maybe a semi-profession will do for me. I don't see other professions being manipulated and used to do other non-teaching jobs such as voting exercise, population census exercise, and the likes. Pay teachers well and leave such temporal jobs for university graduates who are yet seeking for job and those doing their national service.


What do you think? Do drop your comments. And don't forget to follow me. Thank you.

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