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Two friends graduated on the same day but one will soon get a job. Checkout the reason why.

Time sees not only people but also, the norms of the society gradually changing. The dynamism of time makes a complete meaning but we begin to doubt the meaning this dynamism brings when it moves into the wrong direction. As usual, we all would expect the society to adopt the positive things which can give the hope of a better tomorrow but somehow, the society has managed to focus on the things which needs not be given much attention. 

It is very gloomy getting to realize we have normalized indecent dressing in this generation and has given little or no attention to those who dress decently. This shouldn't be so, it must be the other way round but sadly, we have to face the fact that it is never happening as expected.

This article sees me talking about two ladies who have become the topic for this morning. Both ladies had graduated and come out with flying colors but a single picture they shot together on their graduation day has got a little controversy coming up.

The arguments people are cooking is very interesting and I think sharing them with you is cool. Before we delve into the arguments arising, let us take a look into the picture below.

In the picture above, we do see both ladies giving us the smiles of their lives. I mean, they fully deserve it. It is their graduation day, the hardships, long nights and the stress they had to face in school is finally over and nothing should stop them from giving these bright smiles. Both had their certificate in hand which shows that they are equally legible to getting a job but one of them seems to have an upper hand over the other, taking these normal times into consideration.

Her outfit showed more than needed to be shown and has got many people talking about the fact that, this is what most current managers need. They will give you a job immediately they find a little chance to engage in fornication with you. What makes it sad is the truth that comes with it. 

It is very disheartening having the qualifications to get you into a job yet being unemployed due to your unwillingness to show more than expected. Many managers tend to reject ladies when they realize the good mentality embedded in them. You will go for many interviews but they will never call you back.

I must say that being a lady looking for a job in this current generation is one of the worst things that can happen to a person without a connection. This is because, a manager will want you to show more to propagate the act of him sleeping with you before giving you such a job.

Both qualifies for a job but people are saying one of them is big hearted and is ready to serve since she has been on display. This is what is happening in this society of ours, sigh.

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