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Don't Waste Your Time To Study These Degree Courses In The University, Study These Instead.

Times are changing and technology keeps on advancing. Technology advancement has so many positive effects but sometimes it doesn't favor certain aspects of our job life. The population keep on increasing, meaning there will be more demand for employment. But technology advancement has made it in such a way that certain jobs that required human expertise are now being performed by computers and machines. This means human services will no longer be required in such areas.

How then are we going to keep up with this increasing population while machines and computers keep taking our jobs away? The answer is simple, choose a course that will still be of relevance even with technology advancement. There are certain courses that might leave you unemployed forever after school. This article will guide you through some of the courses you don't have to waste your time to study, and courses you can choose to gain employment right after school, or better still, be your own boss.

Degree Courses you don't have to waste your time to study

1. Degree in AnthropologyJust take a critical look in the career fraternity in this country now. How many Anthropologist do u think will be employed this year? Anthropology is one of the courses that might keep you waiting to be employed for a very long time. Studying for four(4) good years just to have a degree for this course will be just too much.

2. Library Science: Studying this course most of the times turn out to be frustrating and discouraging. Because there are not so many libraries in this country,Ghana. Let alone talk about a library employing a library scientist. You might end up being unemployed forever.

3. Degree in Language practice and translation: due to technology advancement, there has been developments of so many language translating Apps. Most companies do not need human services to do this anymore. They just download these Apps to do the work, its effective and less costly.

4. Music Degree and Theatre Arts: everybody will agree with me that when it comes to music and theatre arts, one doesn't need a degree to show people how good they are. There are so many good musicians and actors out there who have proven you don't need a degree to be good. They are talents and you cannot force yourself to have these talents if you don't.

5. ZoologyThis is another course that might keep you unemployed for a very long time. There are not so many Zoos in the country, and our forest are being destroyed. Therefore, with our forest being destroyed and our Zoos reduced to few, where do you think you will get a job when you have a 'degree' in Zoology?

These Are Some Of The Degree Courses You Can Study Instead

It is true we all cannot study these courses mentioned below, but the demand for these degree qualifications are a little higher compared to the courses listed above. The courses listed below are not easy courses to study, but nothing good comes easy right? The services of people from these course categories will always be needed, we just can't do without them.

1. Engineering

2. Pharmacy

3. Nursing

5. Accounting

6. Law

7. Teaching courses

8. Sales and Marketing

9. Medicine

10. Building and Construction.

11. Agricultural Science (includes Animal and Crop farming)

There are more, just research for more and choose a course that will always get you employed, after all, that is why we go to school.

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