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Teachers Need To Know These 3 People Who Can Ruin Their Profession.

Africa has a highest population of young people. Since Ghana is part of this continent, it is no doubt one of the countries with a high population of teachers. Students in Ghana are very fortunate to come across well experienced and hardworking teachers. We have both public and private schools teachers who run the affairs of all the levels of education, right from basic to tertiary levels.

However, these teachers are at a risk of losing their jobs by the following people. So in this article, we are going as teachers to learn much about them and see how to relate with them.

1. A controversial circuit supervisor. This particular person basically is responsible for supervising teachers at the circuit in which he or she is assigned to. He or she can easily ruin your profession as a teacher when realising that you are less punctual, have problems with lesson notes preparations and not mostly stable to teach. This person can send your reports to the district where your details can be forwarded to the regionals as well as nationals. With this, a strong action can be taken against you which can lead to ruining your profession as a teacher.

2. A difficult Headteacher. A teacher can not find it very easy when his headteacher seems to be difficult. So many teachers always face challenges in their schools of services. They will have problems with them, and sometimes their reports are sent to the director by those their headteachers.

3. A female student who seduces her teachers. This is the most dangerous part of all. Teachers who have been victimised by this acts have their profession and lives ruined entirely. This occures when the student out of her seductive character finally lures the teacher to do the unthinkable either by raping or defilement. The teacher when proven guilty will not only lose his job, but also face a lot of challenges perhaps in jail or any other punishment.

Please are we going to take all these people very serious as far as the profession is concerned?

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