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School Kids follow Presidential Convoy: Is this not a breach of Covid-19 protocols?

For the umpteenth time, the imposition of restriction Law which was renewed recently by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has been breached by himself. The worse part, this time, is that, he used Secondary School students in the most bizarre circumstances to do that. 

The practice of lining up school children on streets, at the mercy of the scorching sun, to wave at the President whenever he passes in his air-conditioned convoy had been described as old-fashioned; a gesture enjoyed by monarchs and dictators. 

The matter became topical in September 2017 when schools are closed so that children will be used as cheerleaders of the passing president. I was roundly condemned. 

The President, by his actions, seems not to have been bothered by the then sentiments expressed by many Parents as the trend has resurfaced in the President's current tour of the nation. 

This time, with Covid-19 in full flight and still staring us in the face, one would have thought that, the President will instruct the Ghana Education service not to allow any school release student on the streets to welcome him. The ban on public gathering is still in force and for that reason, the fix the country demonstration could not be allowed to go on, yet to serve the pleasure of the President, students are marched unto the streets in mass to say 'high' to the President. 

This will be the second time in just a month that the Commander in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces himself breaches the Law on the imposition of restriction, with the first happening at the funeral of Sir John. 

The phrase, 'leadership by example' is obviously not in the books of our political leaders. Organisers of the Christ Embassy Church event at the conference centre are currently facing prosecution for a less, because in their case, the pictures show they were obeying the physical distancing protocol. 

We must begin to call out the President and his entourage with a chorus voice. Enough of the disregard of the Law, and we must insist the kids in schools be left out of this lawbreaking enterprise.

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