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Ghana Education Service: The Role Of Senior High School Board Of Governance

The Role Of Senior High School Board Of Governance

Granting schools more autonomy over policies and practices or the use of financial resources

gives them more opportunities to adapt to their specific needs and local context. However, its benefits depend onthe capacity   of schools to plan effectively and manage   their own development, as well as on how accountablethey are to parents, local communities and education authorities.   Systems of accountability operate to various  degrees in all school systems to check that  the devolution of decision making from  national to regional/local authorities and schools themselves are operating efficiently and effectively.

The membership of the school governing  board in Ghana may vary in number from one

locality to the other. The numbers range from a  minimum of seven to  maximum of eleven

The board is made up of representatives from

School head, School assistant head, Teaching staff, Non-teaching staff, Traditional authority, Director of Education, Old student, Parent-Teacher Association Chair, Opinion Leader.


The school governing body has vested powers to ensure effective and efficient governance of

the school. As such the job of the governing body is to promote the best interest of the school to ensure that the learners at the school receive the best education.

Functions of the School Governing Board 

i. promote the best interest of the school and strive to ensure its development through the provision of quality education for all learners at the school.

ii. Adopt a constitution 

iii. develop the mission statement of the school 

iv. adopt a code of conduct for learners at the school 

v. support the principal, educators and other   staff of the school in the performance of their professional functions 

vi. determine times of the school day consistent with any applicable conditions of employment of staff at the school.

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