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Video: New SHS Students Bullied Into Fetching Water With Hand To Fill Bucket

Bullying has reach a pedestal in Ghana’s educational system, with the Senior High Schools holding the mantle for been the place where most students are frequently bullied in Ghana. It has generally now been condoned with since terms like “the senior is always right”, “do before action” and “ is a school code” has been building up grounds for such actions to be more prevalence in the schools since time immemorial.

However, such actions has brought up issues of a lot of emotionally, physically, socially and psychologically disturbed children who after going through such ordeals in school will also continue the cycle of bullying as revenge to what has once been done to them. But this not treated seriously and has continued to grow immensely.


This brings me to a video making rounds on social media of new Senior High School Students of one of the reputable Senior High Schools in Ghana been seriously bullied by senior students. The video which entails the seniors asking the pupils to fetch water in their hands and pass it to each other until it reaches the last person who then pours it into bucket. The action was to be repeated until the bucket is full to the brim.

These forms of bullying has been in existence in schools among many others which are more gruesome and nothing has always been done. This has led to series of failures been produced by students in SHS because of their inability to concentrate in class for fear of such actions on them.

Watch Video with link below.

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