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Let's Put Politics Aside And Face The Reality In Our Educational System

It is time we put politics aside and look at the wholesale promotion of students in this country.

In short, the Free SHS students, seems to have been over pampered and this seems lot and that's why they are behaving like that. Even some of the JHS 3 students don't go to school, after government has paid their BECE registration for them.

They believe, they will certainly go to school because of the mass and whole sale promotion to SHS. Students believe that they can go to SHS to read various programs and hence no motivation to pursue academic excellence. ALL BECAUSE of politics ,how can we move on as a Nation?

You can still go to SHS if you fail all the subjects and pass Maths, Science ,and English. In order words you will only fail if you fail either Math , Science or English or both. As for the rest of the subjects, they are not important. There must be a cut-off points in placement of students and the mass promotion should stop if we want the best for this country. 

Free Senior High School is one of the best intervention but the wholesale promotion is really causing harm. NPP /NDC enough is enough allow the system to operate.

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