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Less Endowed School In Greater Accra That Perform Better In WASSCE Than Grade ‘A’ Schools

Less Endowed School In Greater Accra That Perform Better In WASSCE Than Grade A Schools

It is very evident that inequities are prevalent in every society. The number of inequities grows on a daily basis as humans' progress. Anything that makes two people different becomes a possible challenge to society. But this is not how things go in this period of time. Discrimination is a noun not discreetly used and differences have become a source of isolation.

It is quite disappointing that this inequity is even rampant in academic institutions where children are expected not to learn such things. Schools are supposed to be venues where the young generation believes in the principle of compromise and equality. But as said earlier, this is not how things go.

A school is called less endowed due to  lack of infrastructure, equity issue in schools is the most obvious infrastructural differences. Schools under trees, dilapidated classrooms and children sitting on bare floors to learn.

From this precept, it can be followed that not everyone is given an equal chance to learn. Not everyone is prioritized.

Ningo Senior High School, a less endowed school in Greater Accra which performed better than category ‘’A’ schools in the region.  This school have infrastructural challenges but the school has been consistent in the WASSCE top ten regional rankings since 2015.

Students with aggregate 16 - 48 are placed in the school, as compared to the grade ‘A’ schools with aggregate 6.

If Ghana Education Service distribute infrastructural projects equally or placed students with the same grades as in category ‘’A’, the smaller schools will out performed the so called big schools.

Currently, Ningo Senior High School is second to PRESEC Legon in the WASSCE Regional rankings.

Schools development should not be limited to schools in the cities, Ningo SHS has been consistent in the WASSCE performance in Greater Accra region and is among the top 10 Senior High Schools in Greater Accra. 

By Nedved

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