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Ghana education is too bookish _ see why

Ghanaian students and scholars have been complaining bitterly of our educational system structure. It is well known that the syllable is heavily loaded.

This education system has a bad effect on Ghanaian students when they are given the chance to be on the field to apply what he/she have learnt.

  A science student will learn so many topics such as heat and temperature, heat engine systems, electricity and a lot of stuffs but after completion, he / she cant do nothing with what they have learnt.

  All these pictures above and it's contents can be applied easily if they were taught and explained practically to them.

  Students also pray that the syllabi should be reduce for each and everyone to suit his /her future career and not to waste time on subjects they wouldn't deal with it in their career field.

  This "bookish" educational system must be abolish or implemented if the government wants to youth to create jobs on their own jobs and reduce the unemployment rate in Ghana as a country.

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