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Why threaten to Withhold our Results? Are We Your Target? - Students to UTAG

Prof. Ransford Gyampo is Secretary to UTAG

Universities in Ghana begun a sit down strike on the 2nd of August 2021, after the development, the National Labor Commission Directed UTAG through a court order to return to the classrooms, meanwhile, UTAG resisted the directive from National Labour Commission and threatened to lay down tools on Monday 16th of August 2021.

The action of UTAG has resulted in students being left stranded with nothing to do amidst exam season, UTAG has as a result subjected students to trauma even though they have been charged fees for the service they are to be rendered, I don't think private Universities are on strike, why? Because they charged the students money to serve them which the public universities are equally doing, these public universities could easily subject the students to neglects with justification if they were being taught for free.

These students bought forms at exorbitant prices, they payed high fees, they bought handouts, they played to stay in university hostels and all these monies go to the Universities, it will be strange and unfair if same universities have decided to neglect such students in the name of strike when they can just forgive their salaries or resign to prove their importance, secondly, why can't such lecturers deal with government directly instead of directing their concerns towards the students, are the students your employers, it will be insensitive on the part of lecturers to charge fees and still fail to carryout their duties, where are the human right activists? Those students have rights and it is wrong for UTAG to State that:

"However, following series of meetings conducted across member campus, Leadership announces that the strike action would hold after their various vacations, if government still refuses to honor our request. This may be

translated as, withholding the certificates and results of all final year students ready for National service, and the

strict suspension of All activities on campuses."

If University teachers mean their words, they should kindly resign, or leave students out from their target list, its better to leave with dignity.

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