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Education: The Importance of Relevant Previous Knowledge (RPK) in Lesson Delivery

Lesson plan or lesson note is an important document in the school, A lesson plan is the teacher's blue print of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time. Before you plan your lesson, you will first need to identify the learning objectives for the class meeting. Objectives for student learning.(What the teacher exoect students to know. One other thing which must be considered is Teaching/learning activities.

The teaching syllabus has specify topics in the curriculum for each year group of students. The topics in the syllabus are broad, the teacher is to break the topics into teacherable units.

Before the lesson plan is written, a scheme of work must be prepared, scheme of work defines the structure and content of an academic course. It splits an often-multi-year curriculum into deliverable units of work, each of a far shorter weeks' duration. Each unit of work is then analysed out into teachable individual topics of even shorter duration.

The following should be considered in preparation of lesson plan, date and duration: the date to teach the topic and duration is how long will it take the teacher to deliver the lesson.

Revise Previous Knowledge, revising previous knowledge is a key to introduce new topic to a class. Students may have previous knowledge that may be link to the new topic, through questions and answers a teacher revisit relevant previous knowledge of students. The previous topic taught in the class may lead to the understanding of the new topic. For instance teaching a topic "ICT tools" students are familiar with some ICT tools in their homes, the community and the school. Through questions and answers teacher lead students to revise their previous knowledge. The RPK must be clearly stated in the lesson plan after the objective of the lesson.

Teaching/Learning activities, the activities the teacher will take students through to achieve the objective of the lesson, the activity can be demonstration, role play, discussion, brainstorming and etc.

Teaching and Learning Materials, are the materials that will aid the teacher to elaborate the content of the lesson to students, Atlas and a globe can be a teaching and learning material for teaching a topic “a world map”.

Core point in a lesson plan is a summary of salient points in the content, the core point must be inline with the stated objective, it shouldn't be outside what has been stated as objective for the lesson. a good lesson plan must state evaluation, the evaluation is the objective stated in the lesson plan. The objective is what the teacher want students to know at the end of the lesson, evaluation should test students to determine if the objective of the lesson has been achieved. 

Remarks column in the lesson plan state whether the lesson was delivered successfully or the lesson will be continued or the lesson was not delivered due to any other reason. 

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