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Some Private Schools are set to Recruit new Teachers

Schools were closed down to prevent the spread of coronavirus among students in 2020

Managers of private schools rely on school fees to pay teachers in their schools, when the schools were closed down parents were not paying school fees which became difficult for private schools owners to pay salaries of their teachers.

Private school teachers have stayed home for ten(10) months without pay, some have to change job, some schools relied on their Parent Teacher Association(PTA) to provide support for their teachers, some school owners turned their schools to other businesses, teachers in these schools have no other means than to look for employment elsewhere, some of the teachers used the opportunity to create their own business and they are earning better than what the schools were paying them.

Schools are about to reopen for next Academic year in January, 2021. Some Private schools teachers have indicated that they are not going back since the have secured themselves with other jobs

Some schools are set to Recruit new Teachers for the reopening of schools

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