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Why Students Should Avoid Cramming

Studying is the main reason students find themselves in schools however that is the last thing some students think of doing. Students always find campus life fun and interesting but  find studying difficult. Studying is no stranger to distractions.

Students easily get distracted by other people, smartphones and many other things. It has therefore become a common phenomenon to see students cramming when the examination period is due. They do not learn until it is time to write exams. For instance when students hear that an examination is approaching, that is when they crack open books, scatter through notes and cram all the knowledge needed for the examination.

In fact, students always know the schedule of exams even sometimes from a month ago, but do not care until the last days before the examination. In the absence of examinations, students tend to procrastinate. Waiting until the examination period before cramming everything is not the best thing to do and can have negative effects on the student.

Cramming can lead to bad academic performance. Cramming increases students' stress level and this affects their ability to concentrate on their studies making preparing for the examination more difficult. Also students are likely to just focus on memorization (chew and pour) rather than understanding what they are actually studying. This can cause them to sometimes mix up what they have learnt and may end up giving wrong answers in the examination. This can affect their academic performance.

Cramming also leads to students trading their sleep for more study time which may leave a negative effect on their health. Students who cram in the night at the expense of sleep combat their bodies natural rest period while trying to remain alert and high functioning.

This is not good as it will affect their activeness the following days after the study or examination period causing them to be less active. Some students even fall sick after examinations due to lack of sleep during study time. Some end up very stressed which sometimes leaves them in a bad mood. It is not only exhausting to cram but sacrificing sleep to cram is not the best.

In order to avoid these effects, it is important for students to avoid cramming and to be able to do that, students need to learn and understand proper time management. Instead of waiting till the last minute before studying, study right from the beginning of the semester. Even if it’s just for 30minutes a day.

It will be better than not studying anything at all until it’s time for examination. Avoid procrastination. This is also a major cause. One thing that causes procrastination is laziness. Do not let laziness be the reason you  cram and get stressed. If cramming is stopped, students may get better grades due to an ability to recall information much easier and the lack of stress resulting from cramming. 

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