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How to check your Bece results and school placement on your phone

The Bece exam is an important test that you will have to pass in order to apply to many schools.

It is a standardized test that is given in the beginning of the year and lasts for three hours.

It is a multiple choice test that contains a mix of English and mathematics questions.

The test is administered by the British Council, an international educational testing agency.

Our step-by-step guide will help you understand what this test is about and how to prepare for it on your phone.How to check your Bece results and school placement on your phone

To check your Bece results on your phone, open the Bece app.

Scroll down and tap on "My Results." 

Your school placement will be at the bottom of the screen. If you have not yet been matched with a school, you will see a "No matches" message.How to check your Bece results and school placement on your phone

1. Tap on the "Download" button in the top of the screen to download the app 

2. Open up the app and select "Bece Results" 

3. If you're not in your first level, tap on "Select School" 

4. Type in your school name, if it's not already entered. 

5. Tap on "Search." 

6. You can now see your Bece results and school placement!When you send a Bece, your teacher sends it to the Ministry of Education. Once they've received it they then send it on to the school that you applied to.

The school then scans your Bece and sends you a text when your result is ready.

To check your results and placement on your phone, text: "Bece" to 456-0-4Are you looking for your Bece results and school placement on your phone?

If so, then keep reading!

Here are the steps to check your Bece results and school placement:

1) Search for "Bece" in the app store of your iPhone or iPad.

2) Download the Bece app from the store.

3) Open the app, and select "Begin Registration".

4) Enter your username and password in the app, then select "Login".

5) On the left-hand side of the app, under "School Placement", you should see your school placement information.

6) Under "Bece Results", you should see your current grade level, date of exam, and any other information relevant to your test scores.

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