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What's Happening To Our Youth - Two Young Girl Causing Commotions Online With Their Crazy Dance

Children of these days are unbelievable and very spoilt as they indulge themselves in acts that they are not supposed to be doing. Recently, it has been of high school students and university students who have been doing the most to trend for bad reasons.

This could be either through school education or good moral lessons which can help the youth to have a better atitude wherever they found themselves. For sometime now, all we wake up to hear or probably read online is something disgracing our youth in various schools.

It is worrying that SHS students are behaving immoral especially the public schools. Which has kept people talking on, what is really happening in our schools and what at all are they being taught.

This video is about two girls who were dancing in only panties and bra. They continued to do more crazy stuff when they saw their other friend videoing them.

It's really sad when things like this happen, these girls look so young, and if at this young age they are doing this, what will happen when they grow older?

They may have done it for fun but what will their parents and community think of them.

There are also some screenshots from the video.

To watch the video, kindly click on the link below;

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