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Education is not the only key to success, you will be wealthy if you follow the following guidelines

As the saying goes "Education is the key to success” left many people, especially the youth hopeless when they fail in education. Aside from that most people also think that a child who has no education has no future, given this, people limit themselves to the educational sector as the only means to make wealth. This is not always true, let's consider the educational curriculum of Ghana, one could see that it's mainly booking knowledge, the fact is that not everybody has the talent in reading and understanding, most people are talented in hand-work and a lot more to talk about.

This means education is not the only option to become wealthy, you can become wealthy by establishing what you are talented in doing, don't let the saying "Education is the key to success” limit you from achieving your dreams. We were not all created with the same talent, hence it's good to do what best fit you. This article comprises three(3) guidelines on how to become wealthy.

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1. Get to know the conducive environment for your talent: Your environment has both positive and negative impacts on how you will achieve your set goals. For instance, if you're talented in making leather shoes, and it happens that wasn't in the interest of the people within your location, don't stop, change a location. It may cost you when changing a location, but with time, you will recover all and make a profit.

2. Do not be in a hurry to make money: You may not find your talent a lucrative option in the beginning. Read this short story; there was this friend of mine called Emmanuel, he use to barber my hair back at J.H.S, he could barber anyone's hair very nicely but when it comes to academics he performs poorly. Emmanuel's father decided to put up a barbershop for him, Emmanuel drop out of school and start working in his barbershop, he constantly complain to me that he is not making enough money from it, as he could sit there for the whole day without getting a single customer. I kept encouraging Emmanuel to continue, after the third year of working, Emmanuel gave me a shocking testimony, that the least he earns per day from the barbershop is GH¢150.00, I was like how? But that was the reality. So don't give up because you earn less.

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3. Make your talent exceptional: Irrespective of the number of people that may be doing the same thing as yours, don't be discouraged. Try to advance your talent by incorporating more creativity into your work.

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