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Top five most popular Programs In Senior High Schools in Ghana

The Senior High School is one of the top levels of education in Ghana. There are a lot of graduates from this level of education. There are over ten program which are offered in the senior high schools in Ghana.

Below is the list of top most popular courses offered at the various senior High schools in Ghana.

1. General Arts

Undoubtedly the most populated program in the senior high schools in Ghana. Most students prefer this program because of its popularity and also getting a job after this program is quite easy. Courses offered in this program may include Government, CRS, French, Geography, Elective Maths and many more

2. Business

The second most popular program in the senior high school and the top most popular program in the tertiary level. Courses offered in this program may include, Financial Accounting. Cost Accounting, Business Management and Economics.

3. General Science

One of the most popular programs in the senior high schools. It entails a lot

4. Home Economics

This is often referred to us ladies program. This is because over 95% of students under this program are girls.

5. Visual Arts

This is a very practical program and it is very entertaining. You should give your ward a chance to pursue this program.

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