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CEO of AMG sparks entrepreneurial journey of over 100 UG students

The Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) of the University of Ghana, in a joint effort with the Imperial College London (ICL), and Impact Hub Accra, has sent off the 'Advancement for African Universities Connecting Accra Project'.

This structure is part of endeavors to advance venture abilities improvement and address graduate joblessness and the distinction between partners in the pioneering biological system in Ghana.

The two-staged project, sent off in May of 2022, sort to figure out the enterprising requirements of understudies in the primary stage.

This was finished through a progression of round-table conversations and virtual instructing meetings. After which, understudy business people were examined and connected to grasp their necessities.

The undertaking's subsequent stage, which peaked on Wednesday at the University of Ghana grounds, started with an authority send-off where 28 pioneering groups comprising more than 100 understudies were enlisted, instructed, and guided for two and half months.

The six finalists were CARTAgro, Agrimecarb, Fihankra Comtech LLC, Feathery Care, Stefarms, and Mam Ne Fo.

Proceeding to the finals, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana was confident hatcheries, and such contests will assist with tackling the perineal alumni joblessness issues.

She was intrigued with the six finalists and requested more confidential area backing to assist with leveling up the understudies' abilities to battle for themselves after school.

To assist with tackling the gigantic alumni joblessness challenge, the college of Ghana collaborated with the confidential area to set up an Innovation center point.

Favorable to bad habits chancellor of the college, Prof. Felix Ankomah Asante, portrayed the center point as the spotlight representing things to come for understudies.

The venture is completely financed by AMG manure, a free zones organization claimed by a Ghanaian - Ernest Appiah.

Prof. Asante added that the organization with Agricultural Manufacturing Ghana would have been simply one more report on the tables of the college; he accepts it will act as a layout for different schools to follow.

The CEO of the organization, Ernest A. Appiah, a notable private supporter and a donor, a featured expert at the occasion, credited his life's difficulties as one of the many justifications for why his outfit, AMG, supported the improvement of the University of Ghana Business School Innovation and Incubation Hub with a large number of Ghana cedis.

In the wake of drawing in the six finalists, he upheld each with a seed asset of ¢20,000.

He counseled the youthful business people not to adjust to the norm because of dread, terrorizing, or the absence of assets.

Mr. Appiah was able to help the wide range of various understudies who participated in the IAU Connecting Accra Project rivalry with their business enrollment to remain consistent.

The graduate of the University of Ghana Business further said projects like the IAU Connecting Accra Project are fundamental to making a dynamic air where understudy business people are energized, prepared, and given the stage to draw in the required assets to guarantee a positive outcome.

About AMG Fertilizer, West Africa's driving Freezones Fertilizer Company

As Ghana's driving compost merchant, the Agricultural Manufacturing Group assumes a basic part in taking care of West Africa by assisting ranchers with expanding yield and food creation in a supportable way.

The main exclusively Ghanaian-possessed compost shipper in the country, AMG is noted for continually further developing long stretches of imparted achievement and fulfillment to the ranchers, clients, financial backers, and partners.

AMG is a completely claimed Ghanaian Company and presently positions as the biggest shipper and merchant of compost in the country.

With its cutting-edge crop-explicit mixing unit, it can deliver crop-explicit compost mixes for each harvest.

The organization is noted for continually further developing long stretches of imparted achievement and fulfillment to the ranchers, clients, financial backers, and different partners

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