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He Is Dead: UEW Graduate Sadly Dies After A Backflip While Celebrating Final Exams Fails (Video)

Friends and colleagues present at the scene were seen shouting for help, as they were all helpless calling other people to the scene. A very hot afternoon with many other people going about their normal routines on campus. From the blur video, you could how the atmosphere had suddenly changed after this unfortunate incident. All one could hear was that, "he is dead? Raise him up, what is happening here?, he needs help."

For the hundreds of people crowded at the area, it was evident that there was nothing they could have done to reverse time, wishing the incident never happened. Death they say is inevitable, but it is very sad to witness how other people lose their innocent lives. I can say that no one fears death, but what is most feared is dying - the way you will die is what matters.

This is a sad moment for all students of the University of Education Winneba (UEW) as one male graduate (identity undiscovered yet) lay bare on the ground without moving his body. Information trickling in has it that, the said student had completed his final exams and as a a way of celebrating tried to backflip. He was in the midst of his other friends who had already back flipped successfully.

The deceased, in showing his prowess also attempted to backflip which resulted in an unfortunate incident. As we speak now, he is confirmed dead by school authorities and other colleagues. The sad news has hit social media and tears are flowing. "I just took note that the UEW graduate is dead after a failed backflip in celebration of final exams. How will his mommy relate? Let's all be careful when we're happy. This is a sad news." This is a comment from a Ghanaian who witnessed his death.

The ordeal this gentleman has put his parents and family through is something that will linger for years. After 4 solid years of schooling, this is the news you return home with. We cannot tell how the school is reacting to this news now. We are expecting an information from school authorities now.

Watch the full video here.

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