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The Deaf Students smuggle phones to school to watch porn, bet and stake lotto – Management Cry.

Day in, day out, netizens come across some of the most intriguing stories on the media, which is some times unexpected or unbelievable. Who could ever think of Deaf students watching porn, betting and staking lotto with their monies? Not that such instances don’t happen, but it’s unexpected for one to hear such news.

During a PTA meeting in one of the Senior High Schools for the Deaf at Akropong-Akuapem in the Eastern Region, guardians were being urged to help take action against the wrong use of mobile phones by their wards in the school. This news dropped after some students of the school were caught with phones on campus, which they used for viewing pornographic materials and other things.

Not only watching of porn, but the students also take delight in betting. Some were also accused of bringing expensive smartphones to school for the staking of lotto.

At the PTA meeting, management urged parents to ensure their wards do not bring phones to school or they will be ceased and never be returned to them, as the trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

They quoted that, “It realised that students bring to school expensive phones. Some videos showing their nakedness or their sexual acts and these videos sometimes get onto their platforms. Parents are advised to always take wards’ phones before coming to school, since seized phones are never returned to owners”.

“Parents must be mindful of their wards at home and the kind of friends they visit and keep as some are betting and staking lotto.” - School management complained.

Another challenge of the School for the Deaf that was discussed under the meeting was about their lack of drivers to convey the students to and from the school. Hence, the management used the opportunity to encourage parents to pay the approved PTA levy of GHS20 per student to help curb this challenge.

According to the management, one of the two drivers is retiring in September (next month). Students might be shuttled between the two campuses everyday, because the Ghana Education Service has not posted any Driver to the school yet. “The absence of one driver for the school is going to be a very big challenge as a result of our speciality” - the management lamented.

The levy, which is said to have been approved by the government, will be used to support the development of the school and the payment of a monthly allowance to a retired driver to transport the students until a new driver is posted to the school.

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