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The TOP 10 characters in every class

Every institution is a mix of people with different personalities and traits hence most exhibiting unequal behavior. The uniqueness of these people make the classroom an enjoyable place to be. The following characters are inevitable in every classroom setting:

  1. The Imitator- This student can imitate almost every teacher’s walking style, actions, accent and even the dressing of the teacher. They’re very hilarious characters in the class.

  1. The Student who every teacher likes- A very typical characteristic of this student is their regularity and punctuality in class. A very active participant in the learning process. They’re mostly seen as ‘NERDS’ due to their strong attachment to their books

  1. The Best Friends- Showing everyone in the class how it feels to belong to a ‘squad’. They’re mostly seen walking and doing everything as a group.

  1. The lone ranger- This person in an introvert who hardly socialize with anyone in the class. He/She is mostly seen walking alone and leaves immediately after class. They tend to be very good people who just lack socialization skills.

  1. The Brainy student- Showing high intelligence and excelling in almost every academic endeavor. 

  1. The Class Clown- Ever remember holding up your side because it’s paining you as a result of too much laughter? That’s how thrilling the ‘class clown’ can be. He has got a joke for almost everything that happens in the class. The class can never be dull with him around.

  1. The Cute couple- Undoubtedly, students also have the urge to fulfill their love and belonging needs and hence finds partners of the opposite sex. Every class has its own cute couple and their display of affection is admired by almost member of the class.

  1. The Ladies Man- The guy who fits the dream guy of most ladies in the class. Having the good looks and the swag.

  1. The bully- The person who tries to bully other members of the class in any possible way. This person wants everything happening in the class to go in accordance with his will and tends to inflict his will on weaker members in the class. 

  1. The Hottest chick- The lady who is considered very sexually attractive in the class.


Content created and supplied by: El-Kaiser (via Opera News )


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