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Why Learning Skilled Trade After SHS Will Be Considered More Important Than Going To The University.

For many years, education has been the key to a successful life. This philosophy was very true and it is still changing the lives of some people in many countries. However, the education system which was very flexible with the job market in Ghana some years ago has totally changed in the recent era.

It is very nice and being proud as a parent to look after your wards to the university level because that will be the time for the child or children to reciprocate all the love that you have shown them. Moreover, it serves as a sign of fulfilment of your responsibility as parents but what happens when after university, your children though with good class still became your responsibility as a result of unemployment in the country? This is a hanging question that parents of Ghana today are thinking about because there is no job for graduates after school.

Now people are becoming more concerned about learning a skilled trade right after senior high school to become whatever they want to be just to outsmart the stress of unemployment after University. According to research, the majority of SHS leavers who went into trading are doing very well and living independent lives. What then happens to the graduate who without a job after spending over GHS 10,000 on school fees for the four semesters? It is not surprising that most graduates are becoming Uber drivers and YouTubers. 

What is now the difference between SHS leaver who went into the Uber business after high school and the graduate going into the business after university? One can see that the SHS leaver is far better off and has more experience than the graduate when it comes to the Uber business. What is then the benefit of the money spent on going to the university? 

In the few years to come, many Ghanaians will reconsider going into a skilled trade rather than going to the university for a degree if the government does not create jobs for graduates. Now, to be employed in any sector requires a minimum of 2 years of experience in that related field. The question is, where do you expect the fresh graduate to get that experience from? Now in Ghana, without a protocol, degrees are becoming useless.

It is high time the government of this country created jobs for the youth especially, graduates otherwise, the rate at which people go to university will reduce drastically.

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