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Teachers Deserve To Better Treatment By GES, And This is Why.

Ghana is a country with quiet a lot of job opportunities for its citizens. A good percentage of Ghanaians get employed to their qualified sectors haven't gone through the courses of their fields. Among these common jobs are teaching, security services (police, immigration, armforces amongst others). Personnels in these sectors are employed as soon as they meet the requirements.

Unfortunately, teaching profession is seen not to be exciting its personnels. In this country, it is one of the professions that are seen not to be attractive to a high percentage of Ghanaians.

In this article, we are going to learn the various reasons why teachers deserve nothing from GES, but better treatment.

1. Less respected. Ghanaian teachers obviously are not respected in the society. The job is seen to be occupied by "visionless" people, by those who perhaps do not know what the profession is about. There were even some instances where some people had to reject the opportunity of becoming teachers just because the profession is less respected. Some taxi drivers, police, nurses and so on are seen more respected than teachers here in the country. It will even sadden your heart to hear a parent saying that " I want my son or daughter to be a medical doctor, soldier, police, pilot, nurse or an engineer, but a teacher, a big No" Is this not discouraging? So I think GES can consider this as a fact for better treatment of teachers.

2. Low Salary. Teachers especially in Basic and secondary schools do not mostly find it easy when it comes to finances, since their salaries are nothing to write home about. They can not solely depend on the salary. Some end up by going in for loans, which get their monies deducted as a result of the interest proposed by the bank. On several occaissions, a good number of them had their Properties ceased since their salaries could not even settle the huge loans taken by them. The Ghana Education Service can consider this and as a better treatment increase their salaries.

3. They contribute to the future of the young ones. Teachers are not only seen to teach and guide the learners, but also seen as parents, counsellors and leaders to the students. Honestly, they consequently deserve better treatment because they play all these roles in contributing and shapening the future of this young generation. The learners are the future leaders so let's get teachers motivated and have time to train our children towards their future.

4. They serve as role models to the wards. Students look up to the teachers and emulate or copy their characters. Some learners would always like to copy the dress styles, mode of communication, writing and social lives of some teachers, which then will determine and tell the kind of people to be in their future. How will we feel as Ghanaians if teachers decide to pollute our young ones when they are failed in better treatment? So the GES should please try and look up to this development.

Please are we all in support of this?

Indeed, should teachers be treated better?

Are we ever ready to advocate on behalf of them?

Please like, share, and do not forget to comment below your views on this.

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