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3 Major Challenges Facing Ghana Education System - Educationists Opinion

The Ghanaian education system has a lot of shortfalls. Thus, from the lower to the higher level of education, there are many problems that needs to looked at critically by the government and the Ghana Education Service. Here are three of them.

1. Teachers Condition of Service

The success of the pupil depends on the teacher. If the teacher is not well catered for by the employer, then he won’t be able to deliver and as result affect the academic performance of the pupils. In Ghana, the majority of teachers are not provided with accommodation neither are they paid rent allowance. The teacher has to use part of his/her meager salary to pay rent at the end of every month. How much is a diploma teacher paid at the end of the month? 

The motivation for teachers to do more is hindered due to improper condition of service. Teachers Promotion and arrears are always delayed.

2. Curriculum and Teaching Learning Materials

The new curriculum which was recently introduced in the basic level and this was a welcoming news to every teacher and student as well. However the specific standardised text books to teach are not yet in for over one year now. Major stake holders simply ask teachers to use the resource pack that was given to them which can't be used to teach single handedly. The subjects are still loaded and as at now some teachers do not know the number of subjects that are taught at the primary school. and make calculations perfectly before they proceed to other levels. This is a major problem in Ghana education system now.

Also the Teaching and learning materials for the teachers to use are inadequate and in some places lacking. This makes teaching and learning difficult.

3. Infrastructure

Infrastructure is another major hitch in the basic school sector. There are many schools which are still under trees. Pupils and teachers sit under these trees to learn and whenever the rain threatens, the school closes. This will lead to a drastic reduction in the instructional hours and this heavily affects the other levels of education as well because these are the same students who will be placed in the various second cycle schools and later graduate to the tertiary institution. Some schools have no desk for students to sit on. This is evident by the various social media images in circulation daily. When pupils lie down or sit on the bare floor to learn, what at all do you expect them to achieve at the end of the lesson?

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