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(Opinion) Should A School For "SLAYQUEENS" & "SIDECHICKS" Be Opened In Ghana? Is It Right or Wrong?

What is meant by "Slayqueens" and "Sidechicks"?

The word "Slayqueen" or a

"Sidechick" is a slang used to represent a polished form of Prostitution. And this is an industry taking a larger market size every day. Social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram amongst others are their dwelling places and marketing platforms to their customers. They target married men who are not satisfied with their wives and also individuals with higher social statuses just for peanuts, except for a few who make houses and cars from it.

Mostly chaired by young girls who might have had little of no education. They are objects of massive destruction to Ghana, a great threat to married women and responsible for the downfall of many great men including Politicians and University Lecturers.

On which grounds is the school for these ''Slayqueens'' opened in Ghana?

It was earlier reported that an ally of "Slayqueens" in Ghana have teamed up to pronounce a readiness school for it's people.

This establishment is purposely to prepare and ensure that "Slayqueens" in Ghana know the ethics of their office.

Nana Aba Asamoah, their headmistress declared to the amassed press that their action is geared towards eradicating things like the spilling of Hon. Kan Dapaahs video call by their counterpart, Chantelle. And that Chantelle have undermined their manager's soundness and some of them are regardless, starving.

She incorporated that the readiness school will tell the youngsters the best way to be unobtrusive in their capacity as escorts so the mains never get them.

She said, their middle request is direct, they ought not be seen or heard. They would offer a help of comfort, get their prize and that ends it. And that is what the school will be absorbing in their understudies.

The school is set to integrate all their associates in Ghana and aims at having a data base where all members can be enlisted.

Is This Right or Wrong?

Starring Religiously and from a Christian perspective this is an act of pure sin since it slams the Bible's objection to extra marital affairs and fornication.

Stepping out of the Biblical conscience, physically this is going to increase the degree of broken homes, which is one major source of the problems Ghanaians are facing with respect to kids on the streets and petty robbery.

Destroy a problem when you see one before it escalates because this is only good to the guilty conscience of those engulfed in it. In a sense that the school was purspoely to protect the image of the culprits and not to create the awareness of risks involved in engaging in such acts.

My advise to the "Slayqueens" and "Sidechicks" School.

Now that these ''Slayqueens'' are supposed to be schooled with regards to protecting their identity and the social status of those who purchase from their market, it would be advisable to include an STD status checking in their curriculum.

Both the seller and buyer on this market STD statuses should be checked and uploaded on the data base their headmistress(Nana Aba Asamoah) claimed they would be having and those found to be victims of STDs must be given medical attention promptly in other to slow down the spread of HIV and other STDs amongst Ghanaians.

This I believe it's going to help Ghanaians broadly with respect to fighting against STDs. Other wise it would only contribute to the spread of STDs when it is supported.

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