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Teachers to Hit the Streets in Protest Against the Infamous 4% Salary Increment

Tension building up in the education sector as teachers ignored their association leaders and prepare to hit the street to demonstrate against the infamous 4% salary increment on the base pay for the year 2021, the aggrieved teachers have described the teacher unions as toothless bulldogs who thinks on how to fill their berries and their pockets, the pronouncement by Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) that, they accepted the 4% salary increment on the base pay for 2021 to create room for the government to employ teachers who have graduated from the colleges of education and the universities. The aggrieved teachers have described such a statement as gross disrespect to the teaching profession and called teachers in the country to shake up the leadership of the teacher unions.

The leadership of the teacher unions are responsible for the negotiation of good working condition and the welfare of the teachers, that is the reason why teachers pay monthly dues for the running of daily activities of the unions. The staff of the teacher unions are paid by the teachers from their monthly dues. The leaders sit in air condition offices and teachers are found themselves in dilapidated classrooms with numerous challenges but the unions are quite on these challenges. No proper orientation was given to teachers in regards to the newly introduced Common Core Curriculum for the basic seven to the Junior High schools, the proposed training workshops for teachers on the new curriculum never occurred, teachers have been teaching without textbooks and teaching and learning materials, some teachers use their monies to purchase teaching and learning materials and these teacher unions are mute.

Some teachers have called to denounced their memberships from the teachers union and be free without joining any of the teacher associations, their only interest is the collection of dues not the welfare of teachers. Teachers are set to hit the streets to demonstrate against the infamous 4% salary base pay increment, all avenues for the government to rescind its decision on the 4% salary increment have proven infertile and the only language well understood by the government is strike action. Series of strike actions to follow the intended demonstrations until government raise the 4% salary increment to 10-15%. 

The organisers of the teachers demonstration have created social media accounts for the planned demonstration. Other labour unions will also hit the streets in protest against the infamous 4% salary increment for public sector workers.

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