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GES recruitment: a top educationist advices on best hack to get in for a big pay

If you are a Teacher in GES, with a Diploma in Basic Education, at the Rank of Snr. Supt II or I, or a new diploma-holding graduate from College of Education, and wish to pursue a Degree programme now or later, Counsellor Daniel Fenyi has this advice for you.

DO NOT go in for a 2-year top-up degree in Basic Education. RATHER, opt for a 3-year Degree in Secondary Education. The Secondary Education, upon completion, gives you two options- either to remain at the Basic level or jump to Senior High School. IN LIFE, it is always safer and wiser to have options, just in case! A degree in Basic Education does not give you the second option. 

From 2023, ALL trained teachers who'll be posted from Colleges of Education will hold degree in Basic Education. They will be stuck at the basic level with no opportunity to upgrade to SHS. This is your ONLY advantage over them. PLAN! If you pursue 2year top-up from today, you'll complete in 2022 and your upgrading will take effect in 2023, same year as the College people. If you can have the chance to leap to SHS, why not try? 

DO NOT allow anyone deceive you that basic school teachers with B.Ed and SHS teachers take the same salary hence no need to 'rush' to SHS. Frankly, IT'S TRUE. But, the Adisadel College teacher's child has the chance of attending Adisco over the Methodist basic school teacher's child. That's not money, it's called VALUE! And LIFE, many times, is about value, not money.

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Thank you,

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi

Counsellor | Educationist

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