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Top 10 Best Courses To Study At The University

Before you apply for admission into every university, it is required of every individual to choose a course study he or she wants to pursue.

The course you choose to pursue at the university greatly affect your life and so care must be taken when choosing a course study.

In this article I have compiled a list of best courses to study at the university which will help brighten your chances of employment after graduation.

1. Medicine.

This is one the most competitive courses to pursue at the university. It is 6 year course program. Medicine deals with the practice of diagnosis,treatment and prevention of diseases.

2. Pharmacy.

This is also a 6 year course that deals with the study on drugs and the implications on the human system. One can set up his or her own pharmacy after graduation and does not need to rely on the government for employment.

3. Law.

This is one of the highly sought after course at the university, it requires at lot of commitments and dedication. Graduands have brighter chances of securing employment after graduation.


This course program requires hardwork and determination. These architects are the most sought after,since people keep on building houses.

5. Civil Engineering

This course program deals with the study of the buildings,road construction etc.

6. Nursing.

Nursing is one of the best courses in the health sector. This courses demands patience and perseverance. However graduates have better chance of seizing employment.

7. Computer Science

The world is gradually moving into the technological world. Programming, computer, and ethics in this program brightens the chances of graduands after completion.

8. Medical Laboratory Science.

This course program deals with the study of micro organisms,diseases and their treatments.

9. Business Administration.

10.Bachelor In Education.

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