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An Interesting Message To National Teaching Council (NTC)

The National Teaching Council is commended for their efforts to make the teaching profession a noble profession.

The whole idea of licensure examination is good. Teachers are not the first people to write professional examination. You don't become an Accountant just because you have read accounting in tertiary, in that to become an Accountant, you have to sit for either ACCA exams or ICAG exams. When you pass, it is then that you will become a Chartered Accountant.

There is no way that you will sit for professional examination that if you pass, you will become a Chartered accountant and questions will come from Biology, Government, Social Studies, G.K.A or French. 

The Problem With Lincensure Exams

Now, for the licensure examination that graduates, especially graduates from colleges of education must write, to the best of my knowledge the areas for the examination are Numeracy (mathematics), Literacy (English language) and Essential skills. So whoever sits for this examination and gets the past mark will have his or her license and hence he or she becomes a qualified professional teacher.

But my problem is that, a Social Studies teacher who is going to write a licensure examination that will make him or her professional teacher so far as Social Studies is concerned will not have in the examination questions any Social Studies related questions but rather have questions on plane geometry, Pythagoras theorem, idiomatic expressions, concord and all sort of things.

The same thing applies to the French, Government, Home Science, Sculpture and Music teachers. Permit me to make it clear that the Numeracy and Literacy areas of the licensure examination will just favour the Mathematics and English teachers respectively because they are into that and that is what they teach. I don't have problem with the essential skills questions.

Frankly speaking, the licensure examination is good. But is the examination actually a professional examination? If it's really a professional examination, then teachers should have questions coming from their area of specialization because we went to tertiary to specialize in one thing or the other.

Imagine after reading Government in tertiary, I will now come and be answering questions on ratio and proportion, Pythagoras theorem and if I pass I become a professional teacher in Government. Please, to me it doesn't match at all. Let's not have our priorities misplaced. 

What Can NTC Do?

Perhaps the National Teaching Council can better still come clear on what they actually want to see. Do the Council just want to see if we're academically good in Mathematics and English? How would me being good academically in English and Mathematics make me a professional teacher in Government?

In my opinion the licensure examination is more a less an 'entrance examination' to the teaching profession because the structure and areas for the examination looks like an entrance examination areas.

If care is not taken, the licensure exam would one day become a mere formality and we won't achieve our target of making the profession an enviable and noble one in Ghana 🇬🇭.

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