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EXCLUSIVE:The Key Terminologies In The Standard Based Curriculum

Everyone is talking about the Standard Based Curriculum and the Common Core Programme for the B7-B10.

This Education policy is been implemented by the Ghana Education Service in Collaboration with National Council For Curriculum and Assessment ( NaCCA) under the Ministry of Education.

However, do we understand some of the key terminologies been used in the New Education Curriculum?

One of these key terms is Core Competences.

What then is Core Competences?

In the wikipedia, Core Competency is a concept in management theory introduced by C.K. Pradalad and Gary Hamel. It was been described as" a harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish a firm.

In the New Standard Based Curriculum, and the Common Core Programme, it is been described as the global skills for learning.

This policy is expected to develop learners that are crical thinkers ,innovators,digital literates, cultural and global citizens as well as becoming life - long learners.

These Core Competences are:

*Critical Thinking and Problem Solving,

*Communication and Collaboration,

*Digital Literacy,

*Cultural Identity and Global Citizenship,

*Creativity and Innovation,

* Personal Development and Leadership.

This essential skills is expected to develop the Ghanaian child to become a global citizen alongside the 4Rs of learning being Reading,wRiting ,aRithmetic,and Creativity in the Basic Education System.

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