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What is the essence of writing Teacher License Examination after writing 60 exams at the university?

Four years journey at the university is not a play at all. In fact those who graduated with better class really have their stories to tell.

There are eight semesters to complete at the university. Each academic year is in two semesters, semester one and semester two.

Three years ago, Teacher Licensure examination was initiated in the country where all graduates from all tertiary institutions with Educational background to sit and write for this exams. All those who pass in this examination will be given the license to teach in the country. This is not a bad idea. However, it is not well done.

The reason is, at the university, students who do Education in addition to their area of study offer at least 7 or 8 courses every semester. These courses will all have their exams questions set. A student should sit and write all these subjects and courses just for one semester. The following semester, same follows with an average of 8 courses. 

This happens throughout their 8 year stay at the university.

Mathematically, students at the university offer at least 60 courses and write 60 examinations before they complete. Quizzes, assignments and projects are not even part.

After all these stress, you tell students to come and write a license exams before the person qualifies to be a teacher. The question, then what is the essence of going to the university to do Education in the first place.

It is true and good to have a teacher license certificate but in my opinion, it should be part of the certificate the students will graduate with at the university.

Because this is not done, most people who write this licensure exams fail.

In my opinion, this certificate exams should be conducted as part of the semester courses and not after school. After school, writing another exams brings worry to most people.

This exams should be conducted in each university before graduation or better still they should give the license certificate exams since you have done education at the university.

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