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My challenge to ICT, IT and Computing Teachers(Instructors). Can you write a simple program?

If your ICT, Computing or IT Teacher cannot write a simple program to display "Hello World" using any of the programming languages such as Python (my favourite language), Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, C, Perl, Ruby, etc. Then what kind of Teacher (Instructor or Lecturer) is he or she?

What is he or she teaching or lecturing the students or learners, what's his or her qualification and from which institution? There are fakers every where blocking chances and making things unbelievable for others across all the sectors in Ghana. Many of us who are the gurus keep on complaining about the loopholes we can see in many of those charlatans claiming they're also contributing to the Nation Building but they're contributing nothing to the Nation. How can I keep mentoring someone who's currently working at the MTN company who earns 11 times of what I earn every month meanwhile I am the boss who supposed to earn that. Our educational system and those on the driving seats of the economy should be restructured based on skills but not A4 sheets only and the religion of practicing corruption and money loving without doing the right thing. 

You those who refused to support us to fight for freedom and development, you're not scaring us but giving us the anxiety, the confidence to learn and discover new ways of doing things to takeover one day to become competitors to the government and then we will tell you what to do. As you rest your minds on silly things but we on other hand side keeping on to gym our brains 21hours a day to do amazing and crazy things

Every freedom fighter is very fearless, crazy, patriotic, loyal, hardworking, who takes and gives back to the society, that is what we're made of that traits. 

I'm not a noise making engineer but a Computer Programmer (Pythonist).

My fellow Computer Programmers you know we're few in Ghana, so let's keep updating our skills and keep praying surely we'll get there .....

Can you show me the abstract of your software projects you have written if you are IT, ICT and Computing Teachers?

I hope you can see my below 👇

If you can't then don't feel shy or big enough to learn from me.

My next challenge I will throw will be on the Government (Current Leaders of Ghana) and the Security sectors

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