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School Kids And Their Teacher In Class, 1912 At Nkwatia Kwahu

Ghana has come a long way, it's a generation passed onto another, we have moved from cloth as school uniform to a proper school uniform, excellent we have advanced but there should be more improvement, from under the trees to class rooms, this situation has not stopped because people are still learning under trees, where our leaders fly their children outside Ghana for better education and here we have schools under trees in 2021.

I came across a picture, which was taken in 1912, exactly 109 years ago, while school kids and their teacher in a class under a palm tree comfortable learning as the boys' uniform strictly Ghanaian costume. The picture was captured from Nkwatia Kwahu a town in the Kwahu East District in the Eastern Region, as it reminds me to cross check, the level we have reach as country in our educational system.

if in 1912 students were under trees and over a century later there are thousands of students still learning in this same condition in this same country, it implies that Ghana is not developing on a normal scale. Sadly some classrooms looks like this after centuries now, which depicts retrogressing despite the natural resources at our disposal, we could have been robbing shoulders with the Western countries if our leaders have Ghana at heart but you will see political slaves defending them regardless.

It's just a pity that after all these years, we haven't been able to improve our educational sector in some of the rural areas. Many communities are living the 1912 life in 2021 which cannot make a nation great and strong.

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Ghana Nkwatia Kwahu


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