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No disrespect but I thank God I am not a teacher - Captain Smart

  Popular journalist Captain Smart has thanked his Creator that he is not a teacher in Ghana. He said this whiles on “Onua Maakye” program during a discussion with some female teachers this morning.

  They were discussing the poor conditions of service for teachers in the country and the sad experiences these female teachers shared on live TV compelled Captain Smart to make that worrying statement.

The female teachers shared how difficult life is for them and what hurts them is that GES do not care about their grievances but rather interested in intimidations

  In a video he showed, there was a garage in China where porch cars were parked which belonged to teachers. A white man in the video even said he is lucky he doesn’t teach In Africa 

  Captain smart added that he counts himself lucky because he can be doing a work that pays him less than 3000 Ghana Cedis because he sometimes buys a shoe worth 6000 cedis.

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