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Actual cost of the TM1 laptop revealed as teachers to receive this amount in Nov. as their P.D.A.

Many teachers across the length and breadth of the country have been thrown into a state of shock as the actual cost of the TM1 laptops surfaces online.

As a party of the new curriculum and the upgrade of the teaching profession in Ghana,the current administration thought it wise to supply all teachers at both the basic and the secondary levels of education with laptops with preloaded educational and other essential materials from for teachers.

The initial price of the laptop was pegged at Ghs1550 of which teachers were to pay 30% of this amount. The 30% as has already been circulated on most teachers platforms is to be deducted from the teachers continuous development allowance.

Things have however taken different dimension as the cost of the laptops are now supposed to cost the Ghanaian teacher an amount of Ghs1,831..

This was revealed as financial clearance has been granted to the controller and accountant general's department to pay the continuous development allowance for 2021 by the finance ministry in the month of November.

In the clearance letter sighted online, teachers are to be paid an an amount of Ghs650 from the Ghs1200 yearly allowance.

Per the amount stated above,Ghs550 will be deducted to settle the 30% of the cost of the laptops as earlier stipulated.

Sadly,no explanation has been given as to why the initial amount of Ghs1550 has suddenly increased to Ghs1831...

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