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Evoke the genius in you now, understand and learn like a Pro using the Feynman's technique.

I don't know about you, but one of the worst things that has ever happened to me is to read and not to understand a topic or a concept. I have spent and still spending most of my life in the four conners of a classroom block, remembering mathematical and science concepts had always been one of the hardest things for me until one day when Richard Feynman one of the greatest scientist came to my rescue when he revealed the secret to his quick retentive memory and analytical capabilities. it help me soo much that I think I should share with you guys, without much I do let's dive right into it.

Brief History:

Richard P. Feynman was born in New York on 11th may 1918, He studied at the Massachusetts institute of technology where he obtained his first degree in 1938. He then proceeded to get his P.hD at Princeton University . He was later appointment professor of theorical Physics at the California institute of technology.

The technique :

According to Richard Feynman, what led to his massive success in the field of physics and theoritical sciences was simple , "learn like you are taeching it " as simple as this might sound? It is a very powerful piece of information as I am a living testimony. To throw more light on this , he further explained that if you want to learn a concept, first thing you must do is to pick what you want to learn and read it. After you are done , you must explain the concept to someone who has no idea about the concept for them to understand (you can imagine yourself teaching it) in a very simple language , if you forget something or not able to explain well then it means you don't understand what you have learnt hence you go back and learn it again .This according to Richard Feynman in his various interviews is than till you are able to explain it in the simplest language for someone to understand . As simple as this might sound, it has made scientist out of many and I believe you aren't going to be exempted if you learn it and apply it well.

brifely the technique summarized in the diagram below

You are now good to go😊

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