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A teacher as a physician

There are many professionals whose impacts on society in diverse ways cannot be underestimated. One of such important professionals is a teacher(also called a schoolteacher, formally an educator), is a person who helps learners to acquire KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCE and VIRTUES.

It is an undeniable fact that a teacher is an "academic physician." In Oxford Languages, a physician is a person qualified to practise medicine especially one who specialises in the diagnosis and medical treatment. Another meaning is a person who cures MORAL and SPIRITUAL ills.; a healer.

The aforementioned simple explanation gives you a clear picture of who a teacher is and his significance in the educational laboratory(classroom)

Teachers always need to know their clients(learners) before entering the classroom to facilitate any teaching and learning process to save lives.

No matter what and where you are teaching, remember the classroom is a differentiated environment where there are levels of behaviours and traits in terms of emotions, thinking, disabilities, economic factor, biological factors, cultural and other things to consider, plan, rehearse be sure and assure yourself and your learners of a fruitful engagement. It is not the number of hours spent with the learners that promote effective teaching and learning, but the " quality assurance standards" in the classroom that matter.

Always don't forget your appearance as a teacher brings hope to your learners. I hope you know what goes into the phrase appearance

The next thing is your language. Children learn a lot from their teachers. I believe in one thing ie, teacher-teacher conferencing. There is nothing wrong with you consulting a colleague for discussion on certain issues before you enter the classroom. The problem with most of us as teachers is "the destination disease" I know everything and I don't need anyone's help. It is killing performance in many schools forgetting that teaching is a team spirit that can cast "academic demons".

Anytime you enter the class, see your learners as *educational grandfathers* in school uniform. If you don't respect your learners, they respect you as their partners.

Never get angry in the classroom. It is a sign of professional incompetence.You are teaching them negative emotions instead of positive communion.

As a teacher in the classroom, be a saviour

As a teacher in the classroom, be caretaker

As a teacher in the classroom, be a leader

As a teacher in the classroom, be a manager,

As a teacher in the classroom, be a pace setter

As a teacher in the classroom, be a mentor.

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