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Teacher’s Union urges GES to Implement the New ICT Policy.

Teacher Unions, Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers(NAGRAT) and Coalition of Concern Teachers(CCT) have appealed to the management of Ghana Education Service to fast track the implementation of the new GES ICT policy to enable teachers apply the concept of technology in education. With the current trend of technology, it will be ideal for teachers to use technology in the preparation of lesson plan and lesson notes. This will also help to develop digital literacy skills among students and teachers.

Ghana Education Service stated in the New GES ICT Policy that, teachers will be provided with a laptop which government will pay 70 percent of the cost. Teachers have been waiting for the laptop since the news came out in the public domain. The new GES ICT policy will give Students access to use smart phones or tablets in School to access the Wi-Fi internet connection available in the Senior High Schools. The policy was drafted at the National Executive meeting with the Ghana Education Service council on January 2021. Ghana Education Service has been silent on it’s implementation. 

It was captured in the budget statement that, two hundred and eighty thousand laptops will be procured by government for teachers. Teachers were excited with the policy but nothing has been done. 

There have been numerous speculations about the date at which the laptops will be distributed to the teachers but all to no avail. Some section of Ghanaians believe Government should focus on providing computers for the school computer laboratories rather than providing teachers with the laptops. Wi-Fi internet connection has been installed in the schools, Students are supposed to use the internet for research. Majority of the schools have no functional computer laboratories. Students have been denied access in the use of the Wi-Fi internet connection since they are not allowed to use mobile phones in the school. 

Laptop for the teachers has been ignored by the Ghana Education Service, no communication on why the distribution of the laptop has delayed. It was stated in the New GES ICT Policy that, teachers will pay 30 percent of the cost of the laptop but they have not been informed of the price of the laptop. Is this laptop policy one of the empty promises made to teachers over the years? The laptop will help teachers to create a question bank to store their previous exams questions. 

By Nedved 

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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