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Take Your Clinical Attachment Serious

The nursing profession is one of the noble and well recognized profession in Ghana and to the whole world at large. Nurses are the heart of the country when it comes to health, the world cannot do without a nurse. However, in acquiring training in the health institutions to become a nurse, it involved a lot of dedication, commitment and practice in order to become a good nurse as a profession.

That is why theoretically many courses are being taught in training colleges to help equip students with the required necessary skills and knowledge in order for them to be able to render quality health care services to human kind.

It is therefore good to note that in the course of training, it involves both theoretical study and practicals in order to gain the knowledge, skills and competency in the profession. Trainee nurses are to however, note that they are to take their clinicals attachment which is the practical aspect very serious. This is because it help you to develop physical contact with the patient which allow you to technically apply the knowledge acquired in the theoretical aspect into use.

Failure to do so make you an incompetent and a bad nurse in your area of practice. It will be of no use if you cannot apply the knowledge and wisdom gained in the classroom to the hospital or field.

It is therefore admonished that, trainee nurses should take both their intra and extra clinicals very serious as it help them to gain more experience technically in both Manuel or technological forms. Students are expected to ask questions of concerns in the ward relating to any patient or condition for better understanding. Although, it is good to also take the classroom teaching seriously, but at the end of the day it will be applied in the field. Even observations during clinical attachment is a number one good step to victory in the nursing and midwifery licensing examination. Because nursing and midwifery licensing examination questions are mostly based on the ward rather than the classroom.

Comply to the content of this article and you will become a good nurse that the whole world will want you to be.

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