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Students (SHS) Should Take Phone To School

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Today we're facing a lot of problems and difficulties in the country, one of the many things people have been going on about for a long time is ''unemployment''. And in Ghana now before you can get a good job, then you'd have had to go to school.

Senior high is basically one of the most important stage in schooling. Before one assures a bright future, then he/she must have passed through Senior High.

Learning is difficult, especially for kids. That is why things have been made a lot easier with mobile phones. All information one needs, he can access it using the smart phones. And concerning Senior High Education, smart phones can be very very useful when it comes to learning. But unfortunately in Ghana Students are not allowed to use or take phones to school.

We all know how complicated learning is in the Senior High, that is why Students should at least be allowed to take phones to school. That way learning won't be that complicated and Students, will be assured to pass every examination. That is why phones should be allowed in schools, not in the Junior High though. A lot of times come when Students don't understand what they're being taught, but if the phones come in. Everything will be much clearer, and Students will always look forward to learning.


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