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If You Have Failed in Exams or Anything, This Is for You

As Heraclitus rightly said; "the only constant thing in life is change." Change comes with happiness and sadness, as well as success and failure. Show me a man who has never failed and I will show you a man who has not achieved great feats. No one loves to fail, but failure is inevitable. Failure in itself has little effect on our lives as compared to how we view and react to our failures. Prevent your failures from crippling you, deal with your low moments better with the following

Completely accept your emotions

Along with failure comes a lot of negative emotions. As human as we are, we most likely try to ignore these feelings of shame, anxiety and sadness, but don’t! Instead, allow yourself to embrace how you are feeling. Know that it's okay and normal to fail. Feel bad for yourself, sympathize with yourself and let it be your motivation for a higher rising.

Avoid dangerous pain-reducing mechanisms.

Most at times, we try to make the pain that accompanies failure go away too soon. In an attempt to achieve this, we engage in self-destructive activities such as over or unhealthy eating, alcohol intake, use of drugs among others. Remember these habits provide non-permanent relieves. Why resort to it when it won't take the pain away completely? Rather develop good coping techniques such as talking to someone, taking a quiet stroll or indulging in some sport. Different coping skills work for different people. Stick to what works for you as long as it is safe.

Develop positive and realistic opinions about failure

It is completely wrong to assume that because you have failed at something it means you are useless, bad or you are a failure. Learn to remind yourself that failing is not the end. instead, see failure as evidence that you are doing something new and challenging, and see failure as one of the stages to success. Encourage yourself to try one more time. Use the stories of Great men and women throughout history who failed so many times but still rose as a source of motivation. Positive affirmations like 'I will rise again', 'I can do this' and many others are very helpful.

Accept responsibility and learn

Always blaming other people and circumstances for our failure can be counterproductive. Recognise that you had a part to play and take a reasonable amount of responsibility for your failure. List all your mistakes and find better ways of doing things in order to succeed. Also, study what successful people in history did in order to bounce back. Learn from your experience and create a plan for moving forward. You cannot allow yourself to get stuck forever!!

Face your fears

What are the things you fear to fail? Do them! Get out of your comfort zone, nobody ever achieved greatness there. Do new things and do not be afraid to fail or get rejected. Always learn to try one more time.

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