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Ghana's Education System Lacks Critical thinking - Dr. Prince Armah

Ghana's Education System is to Prepare Students to Write Examination and Lack Critical thinking - Dr Prince Armah Speaks

Vice Chairman for Parliamentary Select Committee for Education and former Executive Secretary for National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and Member of Parliament for Kwesimintim Constituency.

Dr. Prince Armah on “The Point of View” show, a television program on Citi Tv via zoom.

In a zoom Communication on the topic “ARE THE PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS FIT FOR PURPOSE?” The host of the show Benard Avle asked Dr. Prince Armah “ Does it concern you, that parents who can afford the secondary education appears to be opting out of the Senior High School system and choosing GCE, O’ Level, A' Level and IB?” 

Dr. Prince Armah indicated that, it concerns him and he thinks that, that gives us opportunity to relook at the system in the secondary school provisions and this is actually what the Ministry of Education has set itself to be doing going forward, that’s why they started the reform at the basic Schools. The issue is that we are training people to fit the job market or prepare them for the world of work.

Regardless the background of the people in the secondary schools, we must provide them with equal education.

There is lack of public trust in the Senior High School system and therefore any policy maker in the education system must be concerned. Students who lack the ability to express themselves, can not work in a team, cannot do a proper presentation.

The system we have now is to prepare people to write examination and lack critical thinking. 

The secondary schools are focused on preparing students to write WASSCE and get qualified grades to go to Universities.

The host indicated that, some people think that the WASSCE is inferior to the O’Level system.

Dr. Prince Arhma responded that in the UK the Secondary school system is seven years in addition to one year top up. 

The inferiority comes in the context of the duration, putting the JHS and SHS together as basic education is a six year program, the UK has seven years and one year top up to go to the university, in this context the WASSCE is inferior to the O’Level. Ghana's Senior High Schools is equivalent to IB.

Students with WASSCE certificate are made to write international examination to be able to get admission to UK universities. Ministry of Education is set to restructure the Senior High School system.

By Nedved 

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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