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Education Critic Reacts to Dr. Adutwum's 'Third Class', 'Pass' Demands

Statements issued by the Education minister, has kept several talking with regards to graduate university admissions.

The Founder of Educate Africa Institute, Mr. Boadi William has reacted to statements from the Minister for Education, Dr Yaw Adutwum who doubles as MP for Bosomtwi's call for Universities to allow graduates with Third Class and Pass into Post Graduate programs to Pursue them.

He said its a good call and as such should be the norm in schools unlike the previous mode of selectively admitting by requesting for at least Second Class.

Mr. William Boadi Stated whilst explaining his reasons: "Candidly speaking, he’s right because there are a lot of implications misleading our graduates in terms of academics and other related issues. So I think allowing those with Third class and Pass should be allowed to climb the educational ladder. After all, why should the Universities keep awarding the third class and pass degrees if it’s irrelevant?

The targets must be the proper acquisition of knowledge and skills, not the class. We need nation-builders and not good-for-nothing first class graduates. I have seen most graduates with third class and pass degrees contributing to nation-building.

Most entrepreneurs have been able to complete the University but they are doing wonders and even employing first-class graduates. Attaining first class is good but correlating the required knowledge and skills is the best. We must overhaul our education system and make its practical applications for good. Let’s desist from the mere grading.

Kudos to Dr. Yaw Adutwum for this. Ghana must win big time with a collective decision.

In a Statement by the Minister of Education on Allowing Students with third Class and "Pass" to Pursue Masters Programs:

“I believe allowing students with Third class and pass will pave way for them excel, most of these students had some special problems resulting in such performances they achieve, some had problems with lecturers and as a result they failed them and this reduced their CGPA, others had financial challenges resulted in stress, this and many others can result in students performing in such an unexpected manner but that not withstanding they have obtained the minimum grade and have graduated, if indeed such a grade is acceptable for graduation, then such students should be allowed to pursue higher education, they can be granted interviews to discover them rather then sidelining them”.

Most Ghanaians have called for the 'selective' decision by universities to be scrapped.

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