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"She Snatched My Husband" - Lady Says As She Embarrasses Another Lady At University Campus

A woman has been recorded on camera having a serious confrontation with another woman at a university campus. Watching the video carefully, you can see that the lady was standing at the compound of the university when another came to her and started accusing her of snatching her husband.

The university girl seems not to know this woman anywhere but she claims that she has snatched her husband. The woman started pushing the university lady and at some point in time, she collected the lady's handbag. She also removed the lady's wig and started shouting at the campus that the lady has snatched her husband.

This drew the attention of the students at the university as some came around to see what is going on. At some point in time, the woman wanted to beat the university girl but another woman came in and separated the fight. The university was trying to find out which kind of man the lady was talking about but she didn't give her a chance to speak.

According to the person who posted this video on social media, the woman is a prankster, and the video is just a prank. Some social media after knowing this got furious. They stated that what she did to the lady is more than a prank. Look at how she removed her wig and made noise on the campus for people to see that the university student is a slay queen.

Some social media users after watching the video said that they would have got the prankster arrested if they were to be in the university student's shoes.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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