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You will laugh out loud at what this graduate wrote in his application letter.

Writing an application letter is not an easy task because you want to make sure it is perfect and error free in order to impress the company or the individual you are writing to. Therefore, people who are looking for work always want to make sure that their application letters are free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

When people are seeking for a job and want to make a good first impression, they usually hire a professional writer to assist them write their application letters. However, some people also prefer to write it themselves and do not seek assistance from anyone. And that's exactly what this college graduate did when he applied for a job at a petrol station.

His name is Akinpelu Ayobami, and he was applying for the CEO position at a petrol station, according to the letter. In the letter, he brags that he is the only person in his family who has attended school and graduated. Aside from that, he made it clear in the letter how much he wants to be paid at the end of every month and it was a huge amount of money he was really asking them to pay to him.

What made his letter go viral on the internet was the fact that it was so full of spelling and grammar problems that as you read it, it stops making sense and you question why he didn't have someone proofread it for him before sending it. The letter is both interesting and hilarious, and after you've finished reading it, you'll question whether he was hired or not by the petrol station to which he addressed the letter. I suppose he was in a hurry or something, so he didn't bother to double-check everything in the letter, but next time he should really take his time and double-check any future application letters he writes, because when it comes to job hunting, your application letter is often what they look at to determine whether or not to hire you.

Read it yourself.

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Akinpelu Ayobami


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